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The purpose of the ATSR validation programme at RAL is to demonstrate the self-consistency of ATSR-1 and ATSR-2 products and the agreement of these products with independent sources of information.

GSST Validation

RAL has constructed two SISTeR sea-going in-situ validation radiometers to collect independent measurements of skin SST at the bottom of the atmospheric path. The SISTeRs are deployed on research ships and other commercial ships for validation campaigns lasting up to two months. Upwelling sea and downwelling sky radiances are collected whenever conditions permit, along with supporting measurments of bulk SST, local meteorology and other parameters. The first SISTeR campaign was conducted in Mutsu Bay, Japan in 1996. Subsequent campaigns have covered the North and South Atlantic Oceans, the Pacific Ocean and the English Channel.

SISTeR Campaigns

A SISTeR radiometer has taken part in the following campaigns. Follow the links for more details of the campaigns and breakdowns of the individual validation results.

Link : MUBEX96 - Mutsu Bay Japan, 1996

Link : AMT-3/ROSSA96 - North and South Atlantic, 1996

Link : SUDOFEX97 - English Channel, 1997

Link : MUBEX97 - Mutsu Bay Japan, 1997

Link : AMT-7/ROSSA98 - North and South Atlantic, 1998

Link : Nauru99 - Equatorial Pacific, 1999

Summary of Results

Date Time Latitude Longitude Pass SISTeR ATSR-2 (V302) ATSR-2(v321)
23/09/98 12:02:49 UTC 36.14N 17.49W Descending 296.44K 296.48K 296.85K
26/09/98 12:10:17 UTC 30.02N 19.97W Descending 297.38K 297.38K 297.67K

Table 1 AMT-7/ROSSA98 validation points.


ASST Validation


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Reflectance Calibration and Validation


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